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Hire our team to back your business's ongoing tasks, for less than the price of a full-time developer!

Need more help? We have all the resources you need!
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We provide a wide array of services, ranging from talent acquisition, to complex software, or simple websites.

Our Marketing & Technology Solutions for Your Business Growth

We provide a wide array of services, ranging from talent acquisition, to complex software, or simple websites.

Talent Acquisition

Tired of staff rotation? We can help find the developers and talent you need, for the full duration of your project(s)! No more rotating through developers!

Software Development

We can help develop the software you need, whether it relates to e-commerce, fulfillment, or requires an app or other resource - we've got you covered!

Custom Websites & SEO

Your website is often the first impression for your business and greatly shapes your potential and current clients' perceptions - let's make it a great experience!

Marketing Services

Our marketing services include digital, social media, email, print and even sales and customer-service-etiquette training! We are your 360-marketing solution.

Mobile Apps

Engage your visitors with a custom app developed specifically for your business! Interact with your visitors via notifications, and track their specific usage!

E-Commerce & Shopping

Let us help build your sales solutions! We offer all aspects for your online storefront and increasing your sales! We integrate 3rd-party software, too!

Software, Web & Mobile App Development

Your complete source for online presence!

Whether you need a quick website, or customized software to manage your online memberships and handle payments, we can help!

  • Website Design Services
  • Shopping & Payment Solutions
  • 3rd-Party Software Integration
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Design Services
  • Digital, Print & 360 Marketing

Look at Our Marketing Solutions

Marketing Services

Get the word out and grow your business!

No matter how large or small your budget is, we can help you gain new clients. We can combine online with print, target to your potential clients' affinities & tendencies, and geofence, to target your market within specific areas.

Combine all of these elements into analytics, we can help you dig down to refine your efforts, while using your marketing dollars most effectively, according to your objectives. Just a few things we can manage for you include:

  • Marketing Planning
  • Google Suite, Analytics, AdSense, AdWords
  • Facebook free & paid promotion
  • Target your audience granularly
  • Measure our efforts with the metrics we help identify
  • Digital, Print & 360 Marketing

Accelerate & Grow Your Workforce

Grow your business with our talent!

We can help supplement your team, and provide project-based and/or dedicated talent for your business.

Whether you need a project brought to fruition, or an ongoing resource to achieve your goals, Logistics Logic can provide the resources you need.

We offer our own in-house resources, and for longer-term needs or bigger projects, we provide offshore talent to help you ramp up your team.

  • Back & front-end developers to compliment your team
  • Dedicated developers with project managers available to keep momentum going
  • Full-stack developers to manage every aspect of your projects
  • Mobile developers to create and maintain your apps
  • We can handle almost any current technology you need
  • Flexible availability to meet your timelines

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