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Company Overview

About the Owner - Michael Knebel

As the owner of Logistics Logic, I build business-personal relationships with all of our clients, to ensure your needs are both assessed, and the goals are met & delivered.
When you have questions, I'm always available!

Company History

Logistics Logic was founded in 2004, in Charlotte, North Carolina by Michael Knebel. We began by providing hosting and website services for our industry clients, primary customers being 3PL providers and routing/rating Pharmaceuticals shipments for the top-10 Big Pharma companies.

Since 2004, our business and product-offerings have expanded greatly, and we've provided services for small businesses and large enterprises, including several Fortune®500 companies.

We love our customers, and we're happy to serve you!

About Logistics Logic

Celebrating almost 10 years, and established in 2004, we continually create new technologies and infrastructure to handle your needs!

Think of us as your extra IT department - when your business demands ongoing support for small, medium & enterprise-level projects!

Our development staff has completed projects for logistics, medical, disaster-recovery and more. Additionally, we are very skilled in providing solutions for mobile app develoopment, including Android® & iOS®, having developed apps with tens-of-thousands of users.

Our Commitment

We strive to provide the highest-quality products and services for your business. Our staff, owners and partners all agree to follow our established code-of-ethics standards, when providing goods and services for Logistics Logic, and on our behalf.

Continuous Improvement

We apply continuous-improvement techniques to all of our aspects of the business, focusing on products and services for you; thereby ensuring we can accommodate both volume and service requirements at near-perfection levels.

Our Company

Logistics Logic is a privately-held company Licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina, and have achieved and maintained profitability every year since our inception.

About Logistics Logic

Our shared servers generally run at 5-15% load, ensuring fast page-loads & website-response times, even during peak hours and seasons. We ensure some of the best performance in the industry, so your website and/or shopping carts perform optimally, even during peak-traffic hours.

About Our Clients

Our Clients - Overview

Our clients range from single-owner businesses, to large enterprises, including Fortune 100® & Fortune 500® companies.

We take great pride in the length of our client-relationships. Our customer-rentention rate is near 100%, and many of our clients have been choosing Logistics Logic & Michael Knebel for about 10 years going.

About Our Ethics

Our Code of Ethics - Overview

Our code-of-ethics must be adhered to, by Logistics Logic, any staff or contractors, partners and affiliates.

Source Code

All source code owned by either Customer or Logistics Logic shall be created in a fashion, which promotes ease-of readability and maintainability by other programmers. Obsolete or experimental technologies shall not be employed or propagated, except in cases of customer-mandated needs. Original comments and acknowledgement should be retained, propagated, and improved upon, wherever possible.


Complexity of source code, applications, environments and infrastructure shall relate directly to the requirements and longevity of the application. Simplicity and maintainability shall override complexity.


Wherever possible, we strive to provide our customers with reasonable alternatives to solving their needs, when their requirements are out of the scope of our services.

About Our Infrastructure


Our server solutions feature advanced redundancy, from the network to the disks Our data centers are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Concord, California. We offer data replication across both data centers, thereby ensuring the complete protection of your resources.

Dedicated Servers

Our servers feature RAID5, or better, disk redundancy, allowing disks to fail, with little or no reduction in performance! Additionally, we have immediate availability to replacement server parts, in the event of failure. Our servers are fully managed, and additional redundant space/drives and bandwidth can be added as your requirements grow.

Data Centers

Our data centers feature redundant connectivity to the Internet, across multiple carriers. Nearly all aspects of our redundant networking carry a 4-hour response time from our vendors in the event of an issue. Since we go to great lengths to ensure redundancy, your access to the services we provide is 99.99%+.


Wherever possible, we strive to provide our customers with reasonable alternatives to solving their needs, when their requirements are out of the scope of our services.